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The Ukmukfukk Zinefest, an event of small publishers, print and music producers in Hungary and abroad, in 2021, in an unusual way, joined the DRUKKER creative community and took part in a three-day event in Pécs. The focus of the festival was on Hungarian artists.

The Ukmukfukk Zinefest was launched six years ago with the aim of giving an impression of the current state of Hungarian music culture. At the same time, it also placed Hungarian creators in an international context by establishing a dialogue with foreign artists visiting Hungary, which resulted in mutually inspiring collaborations and a European subcultural platform.

Due to this, the Hungarian zine scene has undergone such a change and growth in recent years that it is ripe for the festival to present only Hungarian artists. Hungarian zine has been the focus of the festival for two years now, and in 2020 it would have been the focus of international artists again if there had been no pandemic. But precisely because of the epidemic, so that the zine festival will not be missed in 2021, a smaller event was organized in September in Pécs, starring Hungarian musicians.

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