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The DRUKKER Printmaker Community has been an active creative group from Pécs since 2018 with
a letterpress, screen printing, risograph and bookbinding workshop. The members of the organization are creators in the field of fine arts and pedagogy, who aim to be active civil citizens and raise awareness on social issues.

A DRUKKER Közösségi Nyomdaműhely egy 2018 óta aktív pécsi alkotócsoport magasnyomó-, szitanyomó-, rizográf- és könyvkötő műhellyel, valamint analóg fotólaborral

Képzőművészek, önkéntesek és aktív művész-hallgatók szakmai inkubációján kívül küldetésünk egy öregdiák közösség építése, továbbá a társadalmi-környezeti hatások művészi reflexiójának ösztönzése


Our mission, other than the professional incubation of interested visual artists, volunteers and active graphic artist students, is to build an alumni community and to induce artistic reflexion to social-environmental effects.


Letterpress is printing from a hard raised image under pressure, using viscous ink

Our workspace operates with heavy machines of museological value from the nineteenth century

Screen printing is a technique where a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a surface of variable material, that helps us to expand our creative activism further on a wide spectrum of products

The risography process is similar to screen printing with the additional convenience and speed of an office copier
The vivid colours and raster textures made them very popular in modern day graphic design, but the first machine was released in Japan in 1980

A key element of assembling one of a kind handmade books and zines is manual bookbinding, where the ordered stack of papersheets are folded together, then bound along one edge with a thick needle and strong thread

Our passion for analog techniques also extends to the field of photography

Negative film development and enlargement, lumen prints and cyanotypes are great additions of the creative space we attain

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