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The most important result of the year was the opening of a community printing workshop. After a long search for a place, Pécs, Király u. No. 48 We rented a property under the Moiré Cultural Association ( MAKKER Bütykölde ). The easy accessibility of the place and the street-front shop windows greatly helped to promote and raise awareness of the projects. The delivery and commissioning of our machines, the refurbishment of the site, the layout of the fonts from the archive offering, the purchase of smaller tools and raw materials have filled the period from May to August and although there is still a lot of work to be done, we consider this period fruitful and grateful. we belong to the Strengthening Civil Communities program that supports us. Due to the design compatibility, the printing workshop was named Drukker and the makerspace project next door ran under the name Makker.  The risograph press and test press were commissioned first; the Walnut Gel Publishing Order! In addition to digital media and a booklet, he also included 20 art prints. The opening of the exhibition exhibition began to take place in mid-October. At the end of the year, after a long preparation, the workshops (riso, letterpress printing, stamp making, typing, bookbinding), pedagogical classes and exhibitions started.


With the expansion of our membership and physical space, the activities in the workshop have also become richer and more diverse. The "HOME" print project created in DRUKKER in Király Street, the "WHO ARE THE HOMELESS" employment booklet, and the "SZOMA" folder became indicators of further organizations. The most important result of the year was the finding and design of another home for the printing workshop we planned. After a long search, Nárcisz u.1. s. We rented the property below. The re-transport and re-commissioning of our machines and the renovation of the run-down site filled the period from March to September. New artistic and civic collaborations were outlined for the second half of the year, and life began in the "basa" workshop on Narcisz Street.


The year started hopefully with the "LAKNI KELL" project, our "PARTISAN" exhibition series, but the year 2020, which was not only very difficult for us, was characterized by quite a few reorganizations and canceled events. Nevertheless, by the end of the year, which was completely hopeless for the community, our publishing collaborations with the publisher "DIÓBÉL", the "EZMBA Record Project" and the Faculty of Arts of the University of Pécs together held our creative workshop. Despite the virus situation, our NKA-supported outreach workshops did not stop, and by the end of the year / beginning of 2021, we will start building alumni with the support of the National Talent Program. 

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